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The project

Old and new. Past and future.
Father and son: together, we were thrilled at testing a new and artistic photographic material, as we strongly believe it will be a success. This Polaroid-type film allows creating unique pictures that take us back to the past of photography in full Polaroid style, but only for the pleasure this new material gives us. This new project started with the idea to create something new, refined, and exclusive in the market of photography and communication. This “Impossible Project” uses again the unbeatable machine with 8×10 optical bench and brand-new film with instantaneous development: Impossible PQ 8×10 Silver Shade.

The idea that motivated us is related to abandoning the mass standardisation logic of the photography market to propose something innovative, different, and rare in its kind. This new unique, precious, and old-style photography shooting introduces innovative communication techniques, for fashion and portraits, in particular.

Carlo Bazan Studio Multimediale